Progress Update: Mystic Dungeons

I was aiming to make a beta version available before the end of 2015, but I didn’t quite make it.

When I submitted Rise of Heroes to Google Play in December, it was rejected because of the game’s name. Apparently Rise of Heroes was released near the end of last year.

Therefore, the new 3D mobile version of Rise of Heroes will instead be named Mystic Dungeons.

I’m now going through the processes of submitting the app to Google Play and the iTunes App Store to start a beta test on these two platforms.

I’m making progress towards completing and releasing this game. My progress is slower than anticipated, but I am still making progress!

Here’s a screenshot showing some of the UI updates that have been added recently:


2 thoughts on “Progress Update: Mystic Dungeons

  1. Alexander Alduin says:

    Hey Xerse, just an old time RoH fan from waaaay back. Can’t say how many hours I put in to that game over the years, but I can sum it up by saying, quite a lot. Some people still host the old version on BYOND from time to time, all these years later. Can you believe that?!

    Look forward to playing this new version on mobile. Stay true to the original! Keep up the hard work.

  2. Fred Miller says:

    The game is coming along nicely. I really enjoyed this blast from the past and look forward to your next update. Possibly the potions system/seller and some better weapons and armor for the second town’s shop? If you want a beta tester let me know.

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