Mystic Dungeons

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The Basics

  • Tap or drag to move.
  • Stand near enemies to automatically attack.
  • Tap or hold spell buttons to cast spells.
  • Kill enemies to earn gold and experience.
  • Buy new equipment and upgrade spells with gold.
  • Level up to increase your stats.

Character Classes

  • Four character classes are available: Warrior, Monk, Mage, and Wizard.
  • When you level up, your stats increase based on your character class.
  • Warriors and monks have more health and strength.
  • Wizards and mages have more mana and intelligence.


  • You can rest at an inn to restore your health and mana.
  • The gold cost to rest at an inn depends on how much health and mana you are missing.
  • The cost will never exceed 10% of your total gold.


  • When you die, you lose a portion of your gold and respawn in town.
  • Gold you are carrying when you enter town becomes banked.
  • When you die, you lose 10% of any banked gold and 50% of any unbanked gold.
  • The percentage of your gold at risk is shown in the background color behind your gold value.
  • It is always cheaper to rest at an inn than to die.

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